A successful eCommerce strategy is more than an online shopping cart. It is a comprehensive solution based on your needs and your client's preferences.

The series of eCommerce Servers can help you achieve that goal on any platform: ASP.NET; ASP; PHP.

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   First and foremost your solution needs to be targeted to your client base.         

The site needs to be developed with an intuitive navigation structure. The priority is "Ease of Purchase". Customers should be able to make purchases quickly and without confusion, but a comprehensive strategy goes further.


Below are some eCommerce questions to assist you in determining the type functional options you may require.

Content Management System- The content management system (CMS) allows for the real-time updates to content and images on the site without HTML knowledge. I.E, static page text can be edited in-house. The interface works in a similar manner as Microsoft Word. Anyone familiar with Word will be able to make static site updates.
- top

Administrative Profiling- This feature allows for a “super-user” who can allocate multiple site administrators to specific site functions. The “super-user” will have the ability to make any/all changes, but the 2nd tier of administrator access will be limited based on the “super-user’s” preferences. The 2nd tier of administrators will be given access through an employee login.
- top

Search Function (static content)- This function will allow for a quick search of the entire site for specific static content.
- top

Search Function (Database content)- This function will allow for a quick search of database fields i.e., product name, type, use, etc.
- top

Email Newsletter Function- The email newsletter function will allow the site administrator to login to the administration panel, create a list of collected emails, and then automatically send out these emails. The newsletter itself will be created through use of the content management tool. - top

Featured Products (basic)- This will allow for the placement of “featured Products” on various pages throughout the site. This helps to drive customer interest in specific products as well as drive visitors to the eCommerce portion of the site.
- top

Featured Products (intuitive)- The site will set cookies on site-visitor browsers (if not turned off by the user). These cookies will remember the first “section of interest” visited by that particular user. Subsequently, related products will be listed in the “featured products” portion of site based on the information gathered.
- top

Dynamic Up-Sale- This will take effect after a user has actually placed a product in the shopping cart. The site will generate vertical market product suggestions based on the item in the shopping cart i.e., an individual places a laptop computer in the shopping cart; when the user returns to shopping the featured products are a laptop carrying case and an extra battery.
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These are just a few common requests, however, your business model may require integration with an accounting/inventory system, third party fulfillment or even integration with a third pary eCommerce solution. Our focus is custom solutions directed at our client's needs.
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